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Happy Valentine’s Day + a FREE Gift For You!


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First, Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s only halfway thru the afternoon and I have already indulged on too many candy Valentine’s from my kids…ok, I stole them, but they don’t need that much sugar!

Second, when trying to think about what I would like to write about today I drew a blank. Nothing quite seemed to fit just right. Then it hit me! A gift for all of you amazing, spectacular, brilliant readers! <3

Confession time: I consider myself to be a bit of a styled stock junkie. It never fails that I will get lost in the rabbit hole of online stock photo websites. Every. Single. Time. Seriously, don’t let me near sites like SC Stockshop or Haute Stock.  From perfectly styled desktops to gorgeous fruit layouts – I just can’t.

So, as my gift to you today, I want to share 5 styled stock images I have created for use in my own business. I hope you enjoy them! 

You are free to use these images for personal and business use on social sites, emails, your website. Tag me on Instagram with @carrie_goldstein so I can like your post!

I Can I will watch me FREE styled stock for branding



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