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Have you wanted to try and take steps to living a more sustainable and eco-friendly life, but just became too overwhelmed with all the differing opinions, lack of options, and the higher cost of making the switch? Yeah, me too. While my family has committed to taking baby steps to living a more conscious and green lifestyle, I gotta tell you, it’s really hard! That’s why I am so excited to share one product that I switched to this last month that I just absolutely love: the Pela case for my iPhone. 

Pela is a company that I have been watching for about six months now. I knew that when I was ready to upgrade my phone case that Pela would be the one I give a try. When April rolled around I knew I just needed to bite the bullet and make the switch. 

Reasons I love my Pela case:

  1. It’s compostable – That’s right! When your Pela case has finished its lifecycle, you can just put it in your compost pile. No more sending plastic to the landfill to sit for hundreds of years. Don’t have a compost pile or access to city composting? You can send it back to Pela and they will compost it for you. I love it when companies make it easy for the consumer to do good.
  2. Pretty to look at – the designs and colors are just so beautiful! I had the hardest time deciding which case design to choose.
  3. They walk the walk – They don’t just talk about doing good, they actually are supporting good causes that benefit the world and the environment like Save the Waves. 
  4. They are affordable – I still can’t believe Pela’s prices when I look on their website. I have spent more on a phone case that I didn’t love half as much.
  5. Durable and Practical – Not too bulky, but still able to protect my phone when I inevitably drop it for the fifth time in a day(I am far too clumsy with my phone!).

If you are looking to make an easy green upgrade, the Pela case for your phone is an easy and beautiful choice!


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