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I’m Carrie, and I serve couples who are looking for a different kind of wedding day.

I help them to plan and craft a wedding day that is not only stress-free, but 100% focused on what the day is actually about: a love between two people... while sprinkling in a little adventure along the way.
I’ve grown up exploring my big backyard in the Midwest, USA, and far-off destinations on family vacations, day trips, and camping weekends. As a mom of two little adventurers, one of my goals is to instil that same love of travel and adventure in their lives. So, when it came time to decide on our next steps, we chose exploring our great nation rather than settle down. 

I believe in collecting memories over things, face time over screen time, and living simply over keeping busy. 

As a wedding photographer, I have had the opportunity to photograph many beautiful traditional weddings, but I started to notice a pattern: 

-too many couples said they regretted having a big wedding
-too many couples joked about eloping(with that frazzled look in their eye)
-too many couples wished their wedding day was over before it had really begun

...and that had me thinking. 

Wouldn’t it be grand to give couples a wedding day they would love and enjoy from sun up to sun down. 

One that was stress free.  A day that left them with no regrets. 

Ready to plan your wedding adventure?

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